Restaurant and Bar – Las Escaleras by Inmense

Restaurant and Bar

Las Escaleras by Inmense


In addition to being famous for being a sanctuary of exotic animal species, the state of Chiapas also has a great diversity of plant species that translate into an exceptional culinary tradition. This wealth is present in the menu of our Restaurant 433 and our chef specializes in preparing authentic delicacies inspired by the ingredients of the region.
Try the delicious Chiapas’ coffee and chocolate, fine cheeses and exquisite freshly baked bread in addition to the typical “antojitos” of this wonderful state that will surely be a delight for your palate.


Enjoy our wide selection of wines and liquors, as well as the original creations of our cocktail barman. Let yourself be surprised and spend an incredible afternoon with your family and friends in our bar where you can also have delicious snacks or order from the restaurant menu.

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