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17 Oct

The Mass of Carmen Church in San Cristóbal de Las Casas

San Cristobal de Las Casas hides many mysteries and romantic places. Its cloudy weather prepares the perfect atmosphere to enter into a mysterious and secret world. It is said that this beautiful magical town is very much in touch with the world of the dead and the following story proves it.

Some centuries ago, María Josefina, a widow who devoted her time to help the homeless, lived in the small town of San Cristobal. The whole town knew her for her kindness and charity actions; she was much loved by the people. She lived alone with an assistant, who helped her in her chores and was a faithful company.

Doña Josefina daily and promptly attended mass at Carmen Church at 5 in the morning. On one occasion, Doña Josefina listened very early chimes announcing the mass. As she always attended the first mass of the day on time, she got up hastily and sorry for falling asleep. She took her rosary and bible, and walked to the church, as she did every day.


As she walked, she noticed that the streets were emptier than usual. However, that did not stop her and, as a devotee of the Church, hastened her step to arrive as soon as possible. When Doña Josefina entered the temple she saw that the seats up forward, where she usually sat, were occupied, so she decided to stay behind to hear the mass.

Suddenly, she noticed that all attendees, except for her, had no head. Confused and terrified, Doña Josefina rose from her seat and turned around to leave. She ran into a priest and, looking up she noticed that he did not have head. Before she could scream, a sound came out of the man’s body: “My daughter, this is not a mass for the living, it is a mass for the dead,” said a voice that came from the priest’s insides.

Without thinking twice, Josefina hurried out of the temple, listening chimes indicating that it was barely midnight. Since that day, the legend says that anyone who dares to enter Carmen Church after midnight, witness the Mass for the dead who are still faithful to this temple.

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