The Special – Las Escaleras by Inmense

The Special

Las Escaleras by Inmense


Enjoy an unforgettable getaway in this beautiful city. Includes: French pastries, handmade chocolates, bottle of red wine or sparkling white wine, room decoration with candles and rose petals. See more.


As the day clears, the fog begins to fade to reveal the humble hustle and bustle of a town mostly inhabited by Tzotzil natives, who subsist from the trade of their handicrafts and rely heavily on tourism. You will heard the first chimes of the church, the roosters on the roofs, the dogs and the rumor of the fresh wind of the Jovel Valley…

Contemplate from our terraces the city and witness the mysticism that surrounds this place that has been considered “The Most Magical of the Mexican Magical Towns “.


Las Escaleras by Inmense is a boutique hotel committed to sustainable practices and maintaining ecological balance, so one of the projects that make it most proud is the production of plant species in an organic garden that you can visit within the hotel facilities. The scented herbs and small vegetables it produces serve in the preparation of the food we put on your table directly after being harvested, so they are guaranteed to be fresh and completely free of preservatives.


San Cristóbal de Las Casas’ air of mysticism attracts tourists from all corners of the globe, who seek solutions to their health problems in the ancestral traditions that this city preserves. The Temazcal is a sacred ritual that forms an essential part of this ancient wisdom, coming from the pre-Hispanic practices and based on the worldview of peoples who relied on the healing powers of nature. For them, each person is a traveler and each traveler is in the conscious or unconscious pursuit of a vision. The Temazcal is a means to clarify vision and an inter-dimensional transport, through which the body is purified to channel its own healing. The traditional Temazcal is one of the special services that few or maybe no other hotel offers, Chiapas is the best place to live spiritual experiences; take advantage of this opportunity that will possibly change your life. See more.

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